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About Orrick

Since our beginning in San Francisco in 1863, Orrick has dedicated itself to two interdependent goals: serving our clients and building an enduring institution. Today, we have more than 1,100 lawyers in 21 offices worldwide working together to pursue these objectives. We are proud of the service we have delivered and the firm we have built, and we are excited about our future.

We are Dedicated to Our Clients

As recognized in our Core Purpose, Orrick was formed to help our clients achieve their goals and solve their problems. This fundamental objective permeates everything we do:

  • We develop a deep understanding of our clients’
    businesses and objectives;
  • We specialize in practice areas that are of the greatest
    importance to our clients;
  • We are positioned in locations that enable us to serve
    our clients best, today and in the future;
  • We focus on matters in which our clients have a lot at
    stake and in which we can make a significant difference;
  • We consistently deliver service at the highest levels
    of quality and reliability; and, most importantly,
  • We interact with our clients at a personal level in a
    way which reflects our unqualified dedication to their interests
    and our genuine respect and regard for them as individuals.

We Are Dedicated to Our People

Our people are truly exceptional. Not only are they among the most skilled and dedicated lawyers and staff in the world, but they embrace a unique set of Core Values which shape the way they serve our clients and interact with each other. We maintain a professional environment which fosters teamwork and a seamless dedication of resources to client service, while providing each individual the opportunity to develop a career to the full extent of his or her talent and ambition.

We Are Dedicated to Our Communities

We are dedicated to being active and responsible members of the communities in which we work and live. To achieve this goal we have organized a comprehensive Community Responsibility Program to make sure our efforts have the maximum impact and involve as many of our people as possible. Pro bono legal service is a major part of this program, as is charitable giving, but there is much more. We look for projects which enable all of our personnel – lawyers and staff – to make hands-on contributions to our communities, putting our actions, as well as our words, to work.

We are Dedicated to Our Long-Term Responsibilities

At Orrick, we recognize that countless people rely on us, including our clients, our lawyers and staff, and our communities. We have lived up to this responsibility for 140 years. We constantly work to strengthen and preserve the firm as an institution to make sure we continue to do so.

Date published: Apr 15, 2009


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