Moody's Corporation

Moody's Corporation (NYSE: MCO) is the holding company for Moody's Investors Service which performs financial research and analysis on commercial and government entities. The company also ranks the credit-worthiness of borrowers using a standardized ratings scale. The company has a 40% share in the world credit rating market

Top institutional owners of Moody's include Berkshire Hathaway and Davis Selected Advisers.Moody's Investors Service is among the world’s most respected and widely utilized sources for credit ratings, research and risk analysis. Moody’s commitment and expertise contribute to stable, transparent and integrated financial markets, protecting the integrity of credit. In addition to the core ratings business, Moody’s provides research data and analytic tools for assessing credit risk, and publishes market-leading credit opinions, deal research and commentary, serving more than 9,300 customer accounts at some 2,400 institutions around the globe.

Moody's independent ratings and analysis track debt covering more than:

  • 100 sovereign nations
  • 12,000 corporate issuers
  • 29,000 public finance issuers
  • 96,000 structured finance obligations

Credit ratings and research help investors analyze the credit risks associated with fixed-income securities. Such independent credit ratings and research also contribute to efficiencies in fixed-income markets and other obligations, such as insurance policies and derivative transactions, by providing credible and independent assessments of credit risk.

In addition to its ratings services, Moody's publishes investor oriented credit research, including in-depth research on major debt issuers, industry studies, special comments and credit opinion handbooks. While research, analysis and data are delivered through a number of channels, most of Moody's clients use for access to such services in a real-time environment.

Moody's maintains offices in most of the world’s major financial centers and employs approximately 3,000 people worldwide, including more than 1,000 analysts. The firm also has expanded into developing markets through joint ventures or affiliation agreements with local rating agencies.

Customers include a wide range of corporate and governmental issuers of securities as well as institutional investors, depositors, creditors, investment banks, commercial banks, and other financial intermediaries.

Source :Wikipedia

Date published: Apr 15, 2009


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