Human Events is a weekly conservative magazine founded in 1944. The magazine takes its name from the first sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence which reads "When in the course of human events..."

Thomas S. Winter is the editor-in-chief and Jed Babbin is the online editor[. Notable columnists include Ann Coulter and Robert Novak. Human Events is published by Eagle Publishing of Washington, DC, and is a sister company of Regnery Publishing.

According to journalist Richard Reeves, Human Events was former President Ronald Reagan's favorite paper.[citation needed] During face-to-face Cold War negotiations, Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev that he could not give up the Strategic Defense Initiative because the editors of Human Events, "the so-called right wing, and esteemed journalists, who were the first to criticize him," were "kicking his brains out" over the defense system they supported.

Source: Wikipedia

Date published: Apr 15, 2009


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