Obama Mitigating Mortgage Foreclosures?


President Barack Obama announced that between $50 billion and $100 billion will be spent on making mortgage payments affordable, as part of the giant gamble he and Congress are making, under the title of "stimulus." No help will be provided for those who made rational decisions on purchases, but ample support will be provided to those who couldn't afford the homes they signed up for. Rationalizations for such a move are being promoted by the administration, Congress and the MSM. They are easy to dispense, but is such policy right?

Banks are temporarily suspending foreclosings on some home loans until they have had time to understand what the government really intends, and they've had a chance to negotiate their way into the handouts. Financial corporations such as Citigroup, Chase & Co., and Morgan Stanley will set a moratorium in place until early March, by which time it is expected that the mortgage modification details will be finalized.

The hard sell for this program uses supposedly sincere reasoning such as, "If the house next to yours is in foreclosure, your home drops in value as well." That is the big one since instilled fear is an instrumental motivator. At first blush, it sure sounds convincing, but then it settles into your consciousness, and a discomfort begins to shade it's seemingly benevolent intent. You begin to dissect the soundness of the argument and stand back to look objectively at the whole picture. Where is the common sense?

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Date published: Feb 13, 2009


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