Gov. Martin O'Malley

Martin O’Malley is a fearless, intelligent public servant who puts people before politics. During his seven years as mayor of Baltimore City, he worked tirelessly with the citizens and public servants to make it a more beautiful, cleaner city where people want to live and businesses want to invest.

As Governor, he is applying that knowledge, experience and energy to the State of Maryland to make it stronger and more prepared for any challenges that lie ahead. Governor Martin O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown have made steady progress for the working families of our State. After just 14 months in office, O’Malley has restored fiscal accountability and protected the priorities of Maryland families, even while facing a looming national recession. The Baltimore Sun credited O’Malley’s Administration with accomplishing more in one year than other administrations can handle in four. Martin O’Malley is a “governor unafraid of government,” according to the Washington Post.
O'Malley brothers

In 1963, Martin was born to parents Tom and Barbara O’Malley, and spent his childhood in Bethesda and Rockville absorbing an appreciation for the importance of public service and political leadership. These ideals were reinforced during his time at Gonzaga College High School, where he was a member of the renowned Eagle program and provided assistance and services to the residents of the impoverished local neighborhood. During his years at Catholic University, Martin joined the Gary Hart for President Campaign. After finishing college, Martin O’Malley attended the University of Maryland School of Law. In 1986, Martin O’Malley became a field director for the successful U.S. Senate campaign of Barbara Mikulski, who was the first woman from the State of Maryland to be elected to the U.S. Senate and one of the first women elected to the Senate in history.

Martin and his wife Katie, a District Court Judge, have two daughters, Grace and Tara, and two sons William and Jack. They are members of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.

Source: Office of Governor Martin O'Malley

Date published: Mar 10, 2009


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