Andrew Jeffery

Born and raised in California, Andrew graduated from UC San Diego in 2001 with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Jobless and happy the ensuing summer, on a Monday he decided to move to New York and that Friday flew out to find work and a place to live. He hit the pavement to look for jobs and ended up in the bowels of a Manhattan restaurant through the winter, manning the phones in the takeout department and running the occasional delivery order. His knowledge of vulgar Mexican slang increased dramatically during this time.

Andrew began his career in 2002 at a small mortgage finance firm, Wembley Asset Management, which Bear Stearns eventually purchased to help build their residential mortgage business. Unsatisfied and ready for a change after a couple years, Andrew spent the next nine months touring the country and the Baja California Peninsula, tallying over 40,000 miles behind the wheel and overstaying his welcome on the couches of many generous friends and relatives.

Coaxed out of retirement by a colleague from Wembley, Andrew headed back to New York in 2004 to work at The Winter Group, another specialty mortgage finance firm. There, Andrew built and ran a $500 million warehouse financing platform and witnessed the last gasp of the mortgage bubble.

In 2007, Andrew again left the world of mortgages to travel and spent six months in upstate New York, fishing, gardening, relaxing, and generally enjoying being outside. As his interest in trading grew, Andrew stumbled upon Minyanville and joined the editorial team to spread the gospel of the 'Ville.

Earlier this year, Andrew and two other partners formed a specialty real estate firm, Cirios Real Estate. Cirios provides property valuation consulting to hedge funds and investment companies picking through the carnage of the distressed mortgage market. The company offers the same in depth analysis to Main Street, helping homeowners and prospective buyers navigate the minefield that is the current real estate market.

Date published: Mar 09, 2009


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