Help Detroit!


It is easy to list the lame decisions that brought Detroit to its knees.

We can name all the domestic cars that no one loved and even hated. (Who could forget the Pontiac Aztec?) Or how about those labor costs of around $70 an hour? And let’s add all those complaints about quality in the past — consumers have long memories. And while we love Detroit trucks and SUVs, foreign automakers walked off with the car business by producing smoother engines and better transmissions, not to mention sexier styling. So, it is no surprise that people don’t want to help Detroit. They got themselves into this mess; let them get themselves out or go down. No mercy. No taxpayer bailout.

True, they did this to themselves, but not entirely. Others can share the blame. So I say that we should help Detroit and give the American industry another chance. Here’s why:

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Date published: Dec 02, 2008


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