What Detroit's Doing Right


America's Big Three automakers got pounded on Capitol Hill last month. Senators from both parties took turns ridiculing General Motors, Ford and Chrysler as out-of-touch fossils, churning out poor-quality products that virtually no one wants to buy.

Wouldn't it be nice if America's automakers actually made cars that customers wanted? New hybrids, for example, and electric vehicles, midsize cars that rank high in quality and more models that get 30 miles per gallon?

Actually, that's exactly what Detroit is doing. Not in a couple of years, not next year, but now.

I invite every member of the U.S. Senate to come visit the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which opened yesterday. Here is a sample of what they would see:

· The brand-new Ford Fusion Hybrid, which is the most fuel-efficient midsize car in America, averaging 41 miles per gallon.

· Chevy's new midsize Malibu, which gets 33 miles per gallon -- better than the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Nissan Altima.

· Three new electric vehicles from Chrysler, including a gasoline-electric minivan and Jeep model and an all-electric sports car.

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Date published: Jan 12, 2009


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